A Beginners Guide To Seo

Ever thought about about the distinction between black hat seo and white hat seo? Since there are many methods available in search engine optimization or SEO, web owners have labeled these as either white hat SEO or black hat SEO. Some SEO tactics are not approved by some common search engines, but some individuals still use these to hopefully get the traffic they need. You need to know about the controversies surrounding the approaches and decide whether you should opt for either one.

Describing Both

White hat SEO is the term used to identify methods which follow the recommendations and stipulations of search engines. Black hat SEO is the term used to identify approaches which are disapproved by search engines. There is an ongoing battle between people who make use of white hat and black hat SEO. Black hat SEO may not be what you can right away look at as negative morally. SERPs might be manipulated by black hat practitioners, but they also say the approaches are rather acceptable with the sole motive of enhancing site rankings.

Black hatters also state that there is no good or bad in attempting to accomplish the same goal of making their site appropriate and ranked high. The benefits can extend to the users because they look for the most helpful information. Some big search engines do let a number of web sites to function complete opposite to the expressed rules.

Accepted Methods

Cloaking is among the allowed black hat methods that a lot of website owners utilize. A cloaking plan may be enforced by large search engines, but nonetheless needs upgrading to fully become consistent. The cloaking method is accepted by the search engines, since it does enhance user searches instead of offering them with just any specific result. Cloaking cannot instantly be labelled as a negative influence, given that it aids searchers in having the information and websites that they need.

Following the Rules

There are several methods that you need to avoid if you need to rank high and get on search engines’ good side. Invisible text needs to be avoided. Don’t place light yellow or white text on a white background. Engines can detect these and will only put you in more problems. Avoid keyword stuffing. Previously, overstuffing articles and websites content with similar keyword may help improve ranking, but search engines are smarter now and may determine whether your articles is natural or no longer of good quality.

Things to Avoid

An automated robot visits every page within the index. The content is acquired to be analyzed at a later time. Cloaking involves giving the automated robot a different page, while assigning an entirely new one to human users. Search engines significantly detest this practice. It’s also wise to keep clear of doorway pages. Doorway pages are described as trying to create a page to rank high on search engines, but truly having no actual good content material. Orphaned pages can also be viewed as doorway pages by search engines like google. The website or page can be penalized with these.

Avoid spamming. Spam is referred to as useless pages having no content which is just developed to rank high on search engines. You originally think that you have good and sound content upon clicking on a page, only to find out several listings and ads to other internet sites. This really is highly linked to doorway pages and needs to be avoided.

Seo Marketing Stats Services

In earlier ages of internet, when the requirement of connecting peoples and market on a point which give birth to world wide website also known as website, with it search engines bring new concepts of marketing with it.

Those days till now peoples and subscribers search queries through internet search engine provided by Giant companies, such as Google, Yahoo, Msn, Aol etc. these logic made for visitors and a general internet user, beyond these search engine built there policies to get the best results for the end user, like a webmaster has to work on Search Engine Optimization, keyword marketing, link exchange, back links, directory submission etc. etc. but there was no tool to find, when the Search Engine has indexed your website, and at what point or what level of your site is.

Day by day when a revolution in the IT business occurs, a open source and access to endless possibilities made available for the developers, which we have used and develop unique website for your services to let you know where your site stands.

Internet Marketing Tools:

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These are advanced technique to monitor your website and bring your site on a top level of your business, to push back your competitor.

Just check your website rank and stats, each of our service generate code which you can copy and paste into your website template, it will help your site to get updated and automatically force search engine bots to crawl your website as soon a new content updated.

Our services are free because we are working as a social worker of internet market to enhance our skills and experience. All the services you avail is free of cost until n unless we are working as a social worker.

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The services you can avail after signup:

Ping Service:
A blog ping is just a piece of text, in simple words. It’ll contain your blog name and the url. It is usually prepared in the XML format. The servers that accept ping have special programs for accepting and processing these XML pings. To prevent a spam you need to wait a time to send a new ping.

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Google, Yahoo, Msn Bots Last Visit:
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Google Page Rank Button:
In order to add this free page rank checker tool to your web site and give your visitors the way to check the ranking of any pages, just copy the following HTML code and put it into your HTML document where you want the page rank button to appear of your website. Enter the URL of any website or web page to get its Google Page Rank. Remember, “www.domain.com” and “domain.com” may have different results.

Complete Offpage Seo Tasks List

In last article you discovered a list of task to do for onpage SEO. This article will focus on offpage SEO.

If we consider the time use to “do SEO”, there are only 20% – 30% time (or less) to do onpage SEO, the remaining 70% – 80% of time is doing offpage SEO.

Offpage SEO simply means to get as many one-way links pointing to your website as possible. Links from other websites with similar content is perfect, but it is also no problem with links that is completely irrelevant to your website. Afterall, a link is a link. Although irrelevant page link may not be as powerful as relevant page link, you will still benefit from those.

Here are the tasks list for offpage SEO:

* Put keyword in link: Keyword in link means that you have your keyword in your tag, like your keyword here. “href” is the web page to go to when someone clicks on that link. So in order to maximize your SEO offer, do not just put “click here” or “go now” in the tag. Instead you put your keyword there. The logic behind this is that: when someone uses that keyword to link to your site, it means your website content is about that keyword. So you are strongly recommended to put your keyword in link.
* Links from authority site: Consider the difference of power of link from CNN.com and website-you-never-heard-of.com, people will trust the content more from CNN.com than that of unknown website. This is the power of authority. Simply put, high authority, well-know websites have link power that can boost your website ranking higher for particular search term.
* One way links: In previous article we discussed about one-way links and, the more the better. One way link is a link that a website pointing to you but you do not need to point it back. The ways to get one-way link is normally by publishing articles to article directory or using social bookmarking service, which is described below.
* Social bookmarking: Social bookmarking is a service that you can save your favorite websites online for later retrieval and referral. The benefit of using social bookmarking service is that you can access your saved bookmarks anywhere in the world when you can connect to the Internet. Social bookmarking service is also a good source for one way link. You simply bookmark your website in those social bookmarking sites. To faciliate the process of bookmarking, you can use a free service called SocialMarker.com to semi-automate the process.
* Links from top website directories (DMOZ or Yahoo): Although there are tons of website directories that you can submit your websites and listing on there, those directories are often in low authority and not really help your website. However, there are two website directories that have high authority and worth check out. The first one is DMOZ.org, which you can submit your website for free but it takes very long time to list your website in there directory. Another one is Yahoo directory listing, which costs (at the time of this writing) US$299 per year. If you need high authority link, you may want to try those services.
* Blog commenting: commenting on blog is another way to get one way links. However you should not post irrelevant, pure spam comment to destroy other people’s blog. If you don’t like spam comments, please don’t do this to others.
* Continuously add 20 links or more each month: this can maintain your SEO effort and keep up on your competition.

SEO is an ongoing progress. It means you are required to put effort continuously in order to keep your website position high in search engine. I hope that this article can help you understand more about the tasks to be done for offpage SEO.

Scams and Spam Are Alive and Well

In this last year, I have found that scams and spams are alive and well, and needless to say, in every form and make. What types of scams or spams hit the Internet this year? Here only some of the ones that I encountered or heard about.


You typical email scams – the sender trying to convince the recipient that there is something wrong with their Paypal, Banking (Yes, I said banking) account, and eBay account and to please click the link to resolve this messy problem. For those who do not know, please do not click the link, open a new session and manually type in your link information to get the results.

And for those in the US, and for many and most who have to pay taxes – be aware of an email scam that will suggest that you have a refund waiting for you–and to please give them your Social Security number, and of course, gives you a link in which you can connect with them. DO NOT–delete–this is a scam.


Now, how can you have AdSense fraud? Some ingenious souls have found ways to have other click the Google links on their site – to make them oodles of money. And – that, I’m said to say, can distort the Google rates for those of us that use it for advertising.


Ah, yes – the ones that pull at your heart strings. The most effectively, because you are leading with your heart and not with your intellect. Take a moment and step back, do not give to the caller, go locally to the Charity instead.

I don’t know if this is a scam, but I must say, it really is a shoddy way to increase your leads and profit margin on the Internet – that is by saying – “If you buy so and so product I will contribute a percentage of the profits to the Charity ” – in this case – Katrina Charity.


Yes, even in search engine optimization people have attempted to find ways to push their sites to the top. It is called “black hat search engine optimization”.

It is said to be a fairly common practice, where the webmaster will build multiple sites on a general theme then cross-link to other sites in the same network. The whole purpose is to give one or more of their sites a stronger showing in the search engine results , and, thus, greater increase in traffic flowing from the various network sites to their site or sites.

SEO Spamming

SEO spamming is designing a web page in an illegal manner so that its rankings are improved. One such way is keyword spamming. The designer will put relevant and irrelevant text in the ‘keywords’ meta tag and often on the visible page text as well. Many words are added and repeated, in an attempt to get a higher ranking for a page. They will make the text look irrelevant to the viewer, by making the font small and the color almost invisible.

As you can see, all is the same, only the color of the beast has changed. And what does that mean for the Internet Marketer or the novice Internet Marketer who is just getting their feet wet – be aware and do not partake at the drop of the hat. Pause, and take a long look before departing with your money or your identity.

Vickie J Scanlon has been learning the craft of Internet Marketing for over a year and a half — and sharing what she has learned. Visit her site at: [http://www.myaffiliateplace.biz] for free tools, articles related to affiliate marketing, ebooks, how to info, affiliate opportunities – all aimed toward the affiliate marketer and the marketing process.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/121251

Google Penguin: The Algorithm Aims To Fight Back Web Spamming SEO Practices

Google stands firm to fight back black hat SEO practices. It vows not to let its search results spammed with egregious and crap contents. To reach its mission, Google has introduced Penguin algorithm. With the introduction of the Penguin, tracking system to distinguish ‘black hat web-spamming practices’ from ‘white hat practices’ would further be bolstered in the aftermath of the Panda update.

There are several SEO shortcuts and methods that help rank undeserving web pages higher. This might not work anymore. An aquatic, flightless and feathery bird of Antarctica has been brought out to keep watch on search engine optimization activities. It would keep tab over whether the websites are using original contents that can provide great user experience, using lesser amounts of industry jargons and fulfilling information needs of users.

5 Prime Roles of the Penguin:

i) Stop aggressive black hat web-spam tactics to manipulate search engines

ii)Scrutinize originality of website contents and promote high-quality contents

iii)Increase ranking of those pages that provide great user experience

iv)Look if the sites are using too many industry jargons

v)Give higher ranks to faster sites with better crawl-ability

Post-Penguin Scenario & Webmaster’s Role:

Penguin would reward higher quality sites with greater search visibility and reduce the rankings of those sites with cheap contents. Linking tactics to pages with ‘no relevant information’ would no longer be able to influence search engine mechanisms after the arrival of the Penguin.

That is why webmasters are asked to present those contents (both image-contents and text-contents) that are nearer to the understanding of the common users. They need to cease themselves from appeasing search engine algorithms. The contents that users find friendly and useful need to be used in the web pages instead. Penguin would penalize the sites which contain fake and copied contents and allow manipulative search engine optimization practices.

Post-Penguin Apprehension:

Post-Panda scenario fueled an apprehension of an ensuing end of the search engine optimization industry. Then, Penguin came. It aggravated the fear further. Many of the SEO professionals started to think that Google was out to put an end to the SEO industry altogether, thereby finishing SEO as a career-line.

Honestly speaking, this big brother of search engine community (as per the numbers of web searchers) has no such intention at all. What’s intended is that optimization professionals must ensure elimination of all types of ‘black hat practices’, such as extensive keyword stuffing and link manipulations.

Google instructs the webmasters not to try to manipulate and mislead its algorithm texture. Rather, they should focus to improve the usability of their sites, create original contents and build faster sites. In doing so, both web users and search engines would get greater user experiences. Page ranks would then automatically get improved.


The intention of Google is now very clear. It has no ill-feeling against SEO altogether. What webmasters are asked to follow are the terms of service of this search engine that plainly speak of allowing ‘white hat’ optimization practices only. If it becomes successful in achieving its mission, it would definitely be good for common web users because they would then land directly and quickly on those web pages that have truly relevant information they have been browsing for. It would also increase user experience of using Google as a search medium optimally. So, when this is the focus and it is all about enhancing quality of the search results, it is also a responsibility of the optimization professionals to extend their cooperation in this regard.

Citytech Software uses only white hat SEO methods. The optimization consultants of this company believe that this method may take time to increase the page ranking of web pages. But, what this method helps to achieve is just awesome, because such page ranks stay much longer that those achieved through black hat methods.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/7060794

Methods To Beat Seo Spam

Search engine spam is a method that is used to manipulate the web page to get an artificial boost regarding search engine rankings. It is replicating the same message so that viewers are forced to see them. There are certain guidelines provided by major search engines as to what a webmaster should keep in mind while designing the web page. Spam is generally the technique used by the site owners to deceive the search engine spiders.

Be acquainted with the most common types of spam:

Doorway pages:

Doorway pages, also known as portal pages, gateway pages, entry page etc. are generally pages that can be easily identified. Their main purpose is to drive traffic to a site. They are like full screen banners which the viewers are forced to see. They reduce the quality of the search engine result and are irritating to their users.

Mirror sites:

Mirror sites are the replication of another internet site that uses different keywords. They are used to provide the same information or preserve historic content and allow faster downloads. Search engines tend to avoid duplicate content in their result pages because this increases the number of listings and lessen the worth of a result page.

Hidden text:

Hidden text also known as search spam, are generally readable to search engine spiders but they are invisible to visitors. It is just like dropping a letter written in white in a white background. It is invisible to human eye but easily identifiable by spiders. Hidden text is a variation of the keyword that are attractive to spiders but not to human beings.

Search engines scan the pages for unique materials. If the header of the page is not relevant to the body of the page then it would be difficult to get a good ranking. Search engines detect a page when multiple keywords are placed on a page. They are just used to confuse the spam filters. Research shows unwanted e-mail accounts nearly half of the messages received.

What can you do to prevent unwanted messages from coming to your address?

� Avoid having your e-mail address on the net. You can use form emails to hide your address or programs to encode your email.

� Install a spam blocking software. They are programs that will help you to block certain unwanted mails which you have to set up manually.

� A multiple e-mail address approach can be used to avoid spam. It is just like keeping your personal e-mail id and your business id separate.

� Avoid attachment from unknown people. Spam generally has attachments that may contain viruses. Personal e-mail id is more open for spammers and so you should not open attachments from unknown persons. Look for services that can filter the mails coming in your account.

� Use e-mail services that have bulk mailer baskets so that you can pile the unwanted mails there.

Search Engines Vs. Seo Spam: Statistical Methods

High placement in a search engine is critical for the success of any online business. Pages appearing higher in the search engine results to queries relevant to a site’s business will get higher targeted traffic. To get this kind of competitive advantage Internet companies employ various SEO techniques in order to optimize certain factors used by search engines to rank results.

In the best case SEO specialists create relevant well-structured keyword rich pages, which not only please the eyes of a search engine crawler but also have value to the human visitor. Unfortunately it takes months for this strategic approach to produce feasible results, and many search engine optimizers use so-called “black-hat” SEO.

‘Black Hat’ SEO and Search Engine Spam

The oldest and simplest “black SEO” strategy is adding a variety of popular keywords into web pages to make them rank high for popular queries. This behavior is easily detected since generally such pages include unrelated keywords that lack topical focus. With the introduction of the term vector analysis search engine became immune to this sort of manipulation. However “black-hat’ SEO went one step further creating the so-called “doorway’ pages – tightly focused pages consisting of a bunch of keywords relevant to a single topic. In terms of keyword density such pages are able to rank high in search results but never seen by human visitors as they are redirected to the page intended to receive the traffic.

Another trend is the abusing the link popularity based ranking algorithms, such as PageRank with the help of dynamically-generated pages. Such pages receive the minimum guaranteed PageRank and the small endorsements from thousands of these pages are able to produce a sizeable PageRank for the target page. Search engines constantly improve their algorithms trying to minimize the effect of “black-hat”‘ SEO techniques, but SEOs also persistently respond with new more sophisticated and technically advanced tricks so that this process bears a resemblance to an arms race.

“Black-hat” SEO is responsible for the immense amount of search engine spam — pages and links created solely to mislead search engines and boost rankings for client web sites. To weed out the web spam search engines can use statistical methods that allow computing distributions for a variety of page properties. The outlier values in these distributions can be associated with web spam. The ability to identify web spam is extremely valuable to search engine not just because it allows excluding spam pages from their indices but also using them to train more sophisticated machine learning algorithms capable to battle web spam with higher precision.

Using Statistics to Detect Search Engine Spam

An example of an application of statistical methods to detect web spam is presented in the paper “Spam, Damn Spam and Statistics” by Dennis Fetterly, Mark Manasse and Marc Najork from Microsoft. They used two sets of pages downloaded from the Internet. The first set was crawled repeatedly from November 2002 to February 2003 and consisted from 150 million URLs. For each page the researches recorded HTTP status, time of download, document length, number of non-markup words, and a vector indicating the changes in page content between downloads. A sample of this set (751 pages) was inspected manually and 61 spam pages were discovered, or 8.1% of the set with a confidence interval of 1.95% at 95% confidence.

Another set was crawled between July and September 2002 and comprises 429 million pages and 38 million HTTP redirects. For this set the following properties were recorded: URL, URLs of outgoing links; for the HTTP redirects – the source and the target URL. 535 pages were manually inspected and 37 of them were identified as spam (6.9%).

The research concentrates on studying the following properties of web pages:

– URL properties, including length and percentage of non-alphabetical characters (dashes, digits, dots etc.).

– Host name resolutions.

– Linkage properties.

– Content properties.

– Content evolution properties.

– Clustering properties.

URL Properties

Search engine optimizers often use numerous automatically generated pages to massively distribute their low PageRank to a single target page. Since the pages are machine generated we can expect their URLs to look differently from those created by humans. The assumptions are that these URLs are longer and include more non-alphabetical characters such as dashes, slashes or digits. When searching for spam pages we should consider the host component only, not the entire URL down to the page name.

The manual inspection of the 100 longest hostnames had revealed that 80 of them belong to adult site and 11 refer to the financial and credit related sites. Therefore in order to produce a spam identification rule the length property has to be combined with the percentage of non-alphabetical characters. In the given set 0.173% of URLs are at least 45 characters long and contain at least 6 dots, 5 dashes or 10 digits — and the vast majority of these pages appear to be spam. By changing the threshold values we can change the number of pages flagged as spam and the number of false positives.

Host Name Resolutions

One can notice that Google, given a query q, tends to rank a page higher if the host component of the page’s URL contains keywords from q. To utilize this search engine optimizers stuff pages with URLs containing popular keywords and keyphrases and set up DNS servers to resolve these URLs to a single IP. Generally SEOs generate a large number of host names to rank for a wide variety of popular queries.

This behavior can also be relatively easy detected by observing the number of host name resolutions to a single IP. In our set 1,864,807 IP addresses are mapped to only one host name, and 599,632 IPs — to 2 host names. There are also some extreme cases with hundreds of thousands host names mapped to a single IP, and the record-breaking IP referred by 8,967,154 host names.

To flag pages as spam a threshold of 10,000 name resolutions was chosen. About 3.46% of the pages in the Set 2 are served from IP addresses referred by 10,000 and more host names and the manual inspection of this sample proved that with very few exceptions they were spam. Lower threshold (1,000 name resolutions or 7.08% pages in the set) produces an unacceptable amount of false positives.

Linkage Properties

The Web consisting of interlinked pages has a structure of a graph. Therefore in graph terminology the number of outgoing links of a page can be referred to as the out-degree, while the in-degree equals to the number link pointing to a page. By analyzing out- and in-degrees values it is also possible to detect spam pages which would represent the outliers in the corresponding distributions.

In our set for example there are 158,290 pages with out-degree 1301, while according to the overall trend only 1,700 such pages are expected. Overall 0.05% of pages in the Set 2 have out-degrees at least three times more than suggested by the Zipfian distribution, and according to the manual inspection of a cross section, almost all of them are spam.

Similarly the distribution for in-degrees is calculated. For example 369,457 pages have the in-degree of 1001, while according to the trend only 2,000 such pages are expected. Overall, 0.19% of pages in the Set 2 have in-degrees at least three times more common than the Zipfian distribution would suggest, and the majority of them are spam.

Content Properties

Despite the recent measures taken by search engines to diminish the effect of keyword stuffing, this technique is still used by some SEOs who generate pages filled with meaningless keywords to promote their AdSense pages. Quite often such pages are based on a single template and even have the same number of words which makes them especially easy to detect using statistical methods.

For Set 1 the number of non-markup words in each page was recorded, so we can draw the variance of word count in pages downloaded from a given host name. The variance is plotted on the x-axis and the word count is shown on the y-axis, both axes are drawn on a logarithmic scale. Points in the left side of the graph marked with blue represent cases where at list 10 pages from a given host have the same word count. There are 944 such hosts (0.21% of the pages in Set 1). A random sample of 200 these pages was examined manually: 35% were spam, 3.5% contained no text and 41.5% were soft errors (a page with a message indicating that the resource is not currently available, despite the HTTP status code 200 “OK”).

Content Evolution

The natural evolution of the content in the Web is slow. In a period of a week 65% of all pages will not change at all, while only 0.8% will change completely. In contrast many spam SEO web pages generated in response to an HTTP request independent of the requested URL will change completely of every download. Therefore by looking into extreme cases of content mutation we search engines are able to detect web spam.

The outliers represent IPs serving the pages that change completely every week. Set 1 contains 367 such servers with 1,409,353 pages (97.2%). The manual examination of a sample of 106 pages showed that 103 (97.2%) were spam, 2 were soft errors and 1 adult pages counted as a false positive.

Clustering Properties

Automatically generated spam pages tend to look very similar. In fact, as already said above, most of them are based on the same model and have only minor differences (like inserting varying keywords into a template). Pages with such properties can be detected by applying clustering analysis to our samples.

To form clusters of similar pages the ‘shingling’ algorithm described by Broder et al. [2] will be used. Figure 7 shows the distribution of the cluster sizes on near duplicate pages in Set 1. The horizontal axis shows the size of the cluster (the number of pages in the near-equivalence class), and the vertical axis shows how many such clusters Set 1 contains.

The outliers can be put into two groups. The first group did not contain any spam pages, pages in this group are more related to the duplicated content issue. In the same time the second group is populated predominantly by spam documents. 15 of 20 largest clusters were spam containing 2,080,112 pages (1.38% of all pages in Set 1)

To Sum Up

The methods described above are the examples of a fairly simple statistical approach to spam detection. The real life algorithms are much more sophisticated and are based on machine learning technologies which allow search engine to detect and battle spam with a relatively high efficiency at an acceptable rate of false positives. Applying the spam detection techniques enables search engine to produce more relevant results and ensures a more fair competition based on the quality of web resources and not on technical tricks.

Free Business Listings And The Advantages It Holds For Your Online Business

Listing your company’s name in the free business directory is one of the best ways to promote your business locally. There are number of business directories that offer the solutions of promoting your business with innovative networking solutions and business advertising. One of the biggest advantages that free business listing offers is that it helps you rise above your competitor. With the use of free business listing you will be easily able to reach out to your potential clients and your customers will also be able to find your company and the services offered by your company on the major search engines. In addition, when you decide to go for free business advertising and business listing you will be easily able to increase the traffic on your website. In this process you will also be able to gain back links to your website, with the help of which you will be able to receive an instant boost in the rankings of your website.

Free business listing is nothing more than a tried and tested method of improving your website’s ranking on the web. The more attractive your business listing looks, more chances you hold of becoming prominent among the search engines. Content also plays an important role in deciding the ranking of your website, the more content you post and more frequently you do the same, it will increase your chances of becoming more visible in the Google search results and in the directory. The process for all this is simple; all you need to do is just sign up and start business advertising. By simply signing up for free business listing, some of the advantages that you will enjoy are as follows:

• Small businesses can enjoy a better position among search engines
• Enjoy first page business advertising with premium business listings
• Hold a better position as compared to your competitor’s advertising
• Get the advantage of linking your website with community profiles, blogs, directories, and SEO listings
• You will be able to locate your business location on the Google Map
• Free Spam Protection
One of the best companies that offer services for free business listings on the web is QuickDeal.com. The website is a good source whose services you can use to get local listings.

Tips On Writing A Good And Successful Blog

Writing a blog is almost as same as publishing a magazine. You need to be definite that you are providing quality content and presenting them is a manner that is Search Engine friendly. Now while posting an article on your blog, the single most important thing is to see that you are giving it the right title.

How to give Title your Blog
Firstly you need give a title to your blog. Now, you may have some fancy title on your head and think they are great and creative enough and they may well be, but when selecting a title of your blog, you must keep it in mind that your title ought to clearly communicate the niche of your blog. You can also start doing some keyword research and see what words or phrases are most searched on the subject you want your blog to build around.
Then try to insert that keyword into your blog title. This way you will ensure that most number of people visit your blog.

Choosing effective Article Titles for your Blog
Inserting keyword into your blog article titles is even more important. There are a lot of keyword tools online, just research the keyword and include them at some section of the title- preferably early in the title.
At the same time, you must ensure that the title sounds relevant and interesting enough. Achieving these two tasks simultanoeusly may not be perfectly easy, but with time you will learn to master the skills.
You can also install tracking plug-ins on your blog to see the number of readers on your blog and which of your articles are most famous among your readers.

Efficient Use of Keyword inside the Article
The most important thing to keep in mind that you should use your main and subsidiary keywords a number of times in the article, scattered over the whole body of the article. This will ensure your article a higher ranking at the search engine result. However, the keywords must be used in a relevant manner and not out of context. Otherwise your article may get tagged as spam.

Writing Blog Articles
Writing is never easy, if you are new to it. You will get a hang of it if you practice enough. You just need to have good English and a creative mind. You can even visit web article portals like EzineArticles.com to get ideas about what to write about. You can even write down the different ideas that come to you at different times on a notebook and then develop on them.

Ideal Length of an Article
Generally, if you are writing for blogs, the best thing is to keep your article from 200 to 1000 words.Do include keywords into your articles for the sake of SEO and so that readers like this link here that you posted and refer it back to others.

Although many people think longer articles are not ideal for websites or blogs, many successful bloggers say that longer articles with good content is your best shot at success.

Things to Write About
You should write only on things that interest you and not write crap. Do good keyword research and see how you can build your topic around them in an interesting way. You must also regularly read other people’s blog. This will furnish you with newer ideas.

Lastly, think again how you can make your article more SEO-friendly. Research the rules of SEO online and try to implement them when writing articles on your blog.

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We’ll be going step by step, explaining the how and why – find out what it takes to use advanced tools – such as Scrapebox, Xrumer, and Senuke. We’ve started several threads, explaining how to get better success rates out of these tools and we’ll be going even further to provide more instruction on how to use programs to increase your online visibility.


There’s new products coming out every day in the SEO field, specifically Blackhat tools, and you never know if they’re worth the sale price they ask… We’ll be reviewing many products, going through each step necessary to successfully use these programs.


Link building is definitely an art form – when it comes to getting complex strategies down to a gameplan that an outsourcer can follow, getting your backlinks indexed, promoting the promoters, using proper keyword strategies, getting GOOD high PR links, buying links, selling links, link velocity – there’s a lot to it. The old way of just doing a Senuke run or submitting your site to directories – watching your site rise in the rankings… well, that just doesn’t work anymore. You need good strategies for getting quality links in such a way, that’s easily replicable, but not easily discounted by the search engines. New strategies are formed daily and at BHSeos.com, we’re here to help you with this process and learn from each other. Find out what works, and what doesn’t.

Here’s some examples of the discussions already posted on the forum:

The art of link building, Local SEO – Offering your expertise to local businesses, Mass Spaming with no complaints!, Grab the Keyword-Tool here, Multithreaded HTTP scanner for Linux, Grab ProxyScraper here, Product Reviews, Nested Spinning – Snippet,Testing But Not Getting Cookied, ClickBomb Protection – Lets See Programmer Deliver!,OOP – Search Engine Harvesters, PageRank Lookup, Scrape Proxies from Samair. Redirects By Referrer and Search Engines, domain availability checker, What Server/Host Setup Works best For Cookie Labs, pligg captcha exploit, Grab ReferralDaemon here, Adjacking for fun and profit!, Traffic Vance Alternative, Any Effective Facebook Friend Adders?, XSS Scanner, Introducing the BHSEOs.com API, Xrumer – Challenges, Improvements and Tips, and much, much more!

At BHSeos.com – there’s three main goals we try to achieve:

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